Cost Analysis Support for FBI Fleet Electrification

photo of FBI building front with several American flags and planters

Project Brief

The Challenge

In accordance with Executive Order 14057 (which seeks to reestablish the federal government as a leader in sustainability), the Federal Bureau of Investigation is working to ensure that, by 2027, all new light-duty vehicles it acquires will be zero-emission vehicles. While vehicle purchase cost can be accurately forecast, other cost factors—such as operations, maintenance, and repair costs as well as fleet resale value at the end of service life—are much harder to predict. Even so, this information is imperative for following through on EO 14057. As part of its 2022 Fleet of the Future initiative, the FBI turned to ERG to provide expertise and real-world insights on the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning federal law enforcement vehicles to electric models.

ERG's Solution

ERG has been providing multi-faceted support to the FBI to meet this need. We are conducting a comprehensive analysis to compare the costs of legacy internal combustion engine vehicles to the cost of electric vehicles over the entire vehicle life cycle, taking into account factors such as fuel usage, fuel cost, technician training, maintenance costs, and collision repair. We have also been helping the FBI better predict the cost of maintaining EVs, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of networked and non-networked chargers. In addition, we have been estimating future EV resale values, as funds from the sale of used EVs will be used to procure new EVs.


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