Roy Sieber

Roy Sieber

Vice President

I am fascinated by the interaction of human behavior and technology, and the resulting impact on the environment. I really enjoy trying to understand and influence those interactions to create a more sustainable economy.

Roy Sieber, an ERG vice president, specializes in managing projects focused on resource conservation and environmental protection, often evaluating and balancing multiple stakeholder interests and inputs. He coordinates a team of engineers, scientists, and communication specialists providing support for technology evaluation and specification development, communication and marketing strategy development and delivery, and partner support services.  

Roy has helped over 30 institutional and commercial facilities reduce their water use, with an emphasis on reducing water use in laboratory facilities. He sits on national standard-setting committees and often presents on water use efficiency topics at national conferences.

Joining ERG in the early 80s with a newly minted chemical engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Roy is an ERG lifer. He has consulted on varied topics over the years, ranging from biohazardous waste management to bowling ball manufacturing; for the past decade, his passion has been water use efficiency. The unifying theme of his professional work has been evaluating the performance of technology and its impact on the environment. Roy is an avid baseball fan and border collie enthusiast.