ERG Supports Case Study Addressing Air Quality and Environmental Justice in California Near-Port Communities

An aerial view of a coastal city

ERG helped EPA develop a case study on the San Pedro Bay Ports’ Clean Air Action Plan (CAPP), which was the first U.S. port air quality program to include air emission reduction targets. The CAAP exemplifies how community members, port operators, and state and local agencies can address air quality impacts from port operations. To create the case study, ERG synthesized content from focus group interviews and data from port documents, federal and state agency reports, and more. The study summarizes the CAAP’s history and provides focused discussions on environmental justice, clean air technologies and practices, and the 2017 Clean Truck Program. ERG also created accompanying fact sheets—which highlight overarching conclusions, best practices, and lessons learned—that other port authorities and near-port communities may find useful when implementing air quality actions.

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