EPA Releases National Water Reuse Action Plan with ERG Support

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EPA has just released the National Water Reuse Action Plan: Collaborative Implementation (Version 1). For the past year, ERG and sister company PG Environmental helped EPA and its partners develop this plan, which aims to advance water reuse/recycling approaches as part of an integrated water resources management strategy. The plan identifies 37 actions across 11 strategic themes to spur partnerships and subsequent activities that will help strengthen our nation’s water resources. It also identifies the leaders, partners, and initial implementation milestones for each action. As part of this work, ERG and PG also helped EPA develop a complementary online platform that will evolve over time. Both the print product and online platform are now available at EPA’s website on water reuse. In addition, ERG helped EPA announce the launch of the plan at an event featuring various high-level officials, representation from states, and other water sector organizations.