ERG Announces Integration of PG Environmental as a Division of ERG

Company logo of ERG and PG Environmental

ERG and PG Environmental are excited to share the news that PG Environmental is now a division within ERG. ERG acquired PG Environmental in 2014, and the two firms have operated as sister companies for the past decade.

Since its inception in 1984, ERG has supported federal, state, and local agencies responsible for safeguarding public health and the environment. ERG is a leading firm in areas such as air quality, climate change, occupational health and safety, clean transportation, energy, water, life cycle assessment, and digital solutions. PG has demonstrated a similar commitment to mission-driven work since its founding in 2005, serving clients responsible for protecting and restoring our nation’s waters and other natural resources. Based on their many shared values, PG and ERG became sister companies in 2014 and have since collaborated successfully on numerous efforts nationwide. 

“Coming together as one company will benefit our employees and our clients. It will improve our operational efficiency, open new avenues for personnel, and foster seamless collaboration across the ERG Group,” said David Meyers, CEO of ERG.

This strategic shift will eliminate the need for separate contractual paperwork and enable the integration of information technology systems within the two firms, making it easier for ERG and PG staff to collaborate on projects and other company initiatives. The ownership structure of the company will remain unchanged during the transition, effective January 1, 2024. Importantly, there will be no layoffs resulting from this transition, and the management structure of PG will largely remain unchanged, emphasizing continuity and stability.

“We are truly excited for this change and know it is the right time to see it through. We have had a great run with our ERG colleagues so far and are excited for the next chapter of our collaboration!” said Wes Ganter, co-founder of PG Environmental. 

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