ERG Helps Gather and Share Best Practices from Coastal Resilience Practitioners

a wide beach during the afternoon with a few people walking on it.

Coastal resilience strategies are crucial for protecting shorelines, communities, and ecosystems—and adapting to a changing climate. ERG recently supported the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s (NFWF’s) yearlong effort to gather and share best practices from coastal resilience practitioners, with the goal of enhancing coastal resilience efforts across the United States. ERG reviewed more than 100 grantee reports and peer-reviewed articles and conducted interviews with 60 resilience practitioners. NFWF and ERG used the findings from this research to develop eight coastal resilience success stories, a series of case studies documenting exemplary projects throughout the country. The research and case studies highlight key challenges and transferable strategies for resilience practitioners, providing an important foundation for future resilience efforts. NFWF and ERG’s work will help enhance the technical capacity of resilience practitioners and decision-makers, in addition to strengthening the overall human and ecosystem impacts of coastal resilience projects. ERG will be presenting the results in webinars for the National Association of Wetland Managers and Restore America’s Estuaries at the end of May.

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