Clean Air Act Enforcement Support

Petroleum refinery pipes with emissions pouring into the ambient air

Project Brief

Over the past 10 years, ERG has been the sole contractor supporting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in reducing air emissions from the largest Clean Air Act sources. We have:

  • Compiled the data and information EPA needs to target facilities for inspection.
  • Supported inspections covering every major air-emitting industrial sector.
  • Evaluated how changes in facility operations and processes affect emissions.
  • Evaluated the costs and effectiveness of pollutant control technologies.
  • Technically reviewed proposals for control technology design.
  • Statistically analyzed process and pollution control data for EPA’s use in setting permit limits.

Overall, ERG’s support has resulted in settlements requiring 640,000 tons per year in pollutant reductions. In one example, we supported all aspects of EPA’s petroleum refining enforcement initiative, helping EPA secure more than 350,000 tons per year of emissions reductions at refineries alone.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency