Designing and Commissioning a State-of-the-Art Chemical Manufacturing Facility

Photo of stainless steel pumps at a manufacturing facility

Project Brief

The Challenge

The U.S. Navy needed a new state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing facility to replace two existing facilities that were outdated and inefficient. The new facility needed to have the capability to produce the full range of energetic products previously manufactured by the two legacy facilities, including the primary ingredient of a critical torpedo propellant used by the Navy. To accomplish these tasks, the Navy required comprehensive support to plan, design, construct, and commission the new facility.

ERG's Solution

ERG’s multi-disciplinary team supported the full project lifecycle:

  • Our environmental engineers authored procedures to safely decontaminate equipment and facilities in preparation for decommissioning and demolition.  
  • ERG planners helped the Navy scope, plan, schedule, and estimate costs for the project.
  • Our natural and cultural resource team supported coordination with state and federal regulatory agencies to acquire the needed permits to decommission the two legacy facilities and construct and operate the new facility.
  • Our hazard analysts evaluated the facility and process design for compliance with the latest Navy and industry standards and best practices to protect personnel, government assets, and the environment.
  • ERG chemical engineers provided technical support throughout commissioning and startup to assess proper equipment installation and operation as well as develop safety documentation such as standard operating procedures and safety data sheets.
  • Our environmental scientists performed environmental sampling, provided environmental compliance support, and performed environmental and waste management assessments to reach desired manufacturing process efficiency targets.


U.S. Navy