Helping EPA Reduce Landfill Methane Emissions

satellite map view of Greene Valley RDF

Project Brief

The Challenge

As a key approach to mitigating climate change, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created the Landfill Methane Outreach Program in 1994 to help the municipal solid waste industry reduce its anthropogenic methane emissions while also increasing the production of renewable energy in the United States. LMOP provides its partners with technical assistance and information, hosts and presents at events to encourage methane reduction activities, enables partners to share experiences and lessons learned, creates models and other tools, and tracks key industry data. Successful implementation of a voluntary partnership program requires an infrastructure to provide the information, tools, and coordination necessary to engage and support partners on an ongoing basis—and to tackle the complex task of obtaining the industry data necessary to track and report methane reduction achievements. LMOP has a recently renewed emphasis on helping to increase the national percentage of landfill methane that is captured and destroyed, as part of the November 2021 U.S. Methane Emissions Reduction Action Plan.

ERG's Solution

For more than 20 years, ERG has served as the primary contractor providing technical, data, outreach, and communications support to help LMOP achieve its goals. Our support continually evolves and adapts in response to changing program needs. For example, recently, ERG:


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