Market Analysis for Oregon’s Ocean Resources and Blue Economy Sector

Photo of Cannon Beach shore, OR

Project Brief

The Challenge

The 2022 Oregon State Legislature directed the Oregon Business Development Department (Business Oregon) to conduct several comprehensive market analyses of emerging industry sectors within the state. Performing such market analyses would help the state assess the growth trends and potential of emerging industry business sectors, which may in turn inform priorities and actions that shape the state’s approach to its economy. As part of this initiative, Business Oregon commissioned ERG to conduct a market analysis on the emerging ocean resources and blue economy sector.

ERG's Solution

For this market analysis, ERG analyzed the competitive economic strengths and weaknesses of the ocean resources and blue economy sector in Oregon, evaluated revenues that the state of Oregon derives from the sector, identified indirect and direct economic impacts of the sector, and analyzed demographic details of the sector. In addition, ERG identified policies and actions that could be taken to increase the competitiveness and support the growth of the sector and recommended actions to be taken in response to changes in federal regulations. ERG coordinated and facilitated a cross-sectoral advisory committee of partners and stakeholders to build buy-in and consensus while developing key recommendations and actions. ERG’s analysis was included in the final consolidated report, “Oregon’s Emerging Industries: 2023 Consolidated Market Analyses,” which was presented to the Oregon State Legislature in March 2023. This research will inform a coordinated vision, priorities, actions, and decision-making process that can help shape Oregon’s blue economy and increase overall investments on the Oregon coast.


Oregon Business Development Department