Realigning Operations, Protecting Military Capability

Large Navy battleship sitting dockside in water below a blue sky

Project Brief

The Challenge

As part of its Base Realignment and Closure 2005 process, the U.S. Navy needed to move major weapons research and manufacturing operations from one base in Virginia to another in Maryland. The project was complex, with features such as explosives processing operations, heavy-duty foundations, explosion-proof lighting, conductive non-sparking floors, reinforced concrete barriers, and pollution control systems. The Navy needed a comprehensive plan to execute this technically complex and politically visible realignment project within a firm deadline for occupancy and in compliance with myriad safety, health, and environmental requirements.

ERG's Solution

Responding to the Navy’s need, ERG rapidly deployed a multi-disciplinary team to both bases:

  • ERG’s Department of Defense planners helped the Navy scope, plan, schedule, and acquire funding for the project by preparing the Basic Facility Requirements, engineering cost estimate, lifecycle economic analysis, and DD Form 1391 programming documentation.
  • Our explosives-safety experts helped secure approval for facility construction and operation from the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board.
  • Our environmental scientists assessed potential impacts in conformance with the National Environmental Policy Act and ensured compliance with air, wastewater, and hazardous waste permit requirements.
  • Our natural and cultural resource experts supported formal consultations with state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Our sustainability professionals helped the Navy earn the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver® designation for selected facilities.
  • During project execution, our engineers cataloged and documented efforts to decontaminate, relocate, and reinstall equipment and explosives process components.
  • Our chemical process experts analyzed the hazards posed by relocated operations, contributed to engineering operating procedures, and supported the commissioning of key equipment and facilities.

ERG is proud to have supported this critical realignment effort.


U.S. Department of Defense