Strategic Business Plan Update

Photo of a native bird flying over ocean of Hawaii and across the Pacific region.

Project Brief

The Challenge

Pacific Rim Conservation (a non-profit organization whose mission is to maintain and restore native bird diversity, populations, and habitats in Hawaii and across the Pacific region) wanted to update their strategic business plan and needed support with mapping out their goals and strategies for the next three years. PRC asked ERG’s Blue Earth team to help them set the strategic direction for their organization.

ERG's Solution

ERG’s Blue Earth team had previously helped PRC develop their three-year strategic business plan in 2016 and refresh that plan in 2019. Our approach for developing PRC’s next three-year strategic business plan built on the previous plan content and engaged PRC staff, board members, partners, and funders through meetings and interviews. We reassessed and updated PRC’s vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategies, success measures, and operational plan. We also helped the organizational explore diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies for strengthening DEI values as an organization and ensuring an equitable and inclusive environment. In addition, we updated a funder database that highlights potential funding opportunities for PRC to leverage in implementing their program work.


Pacific Rim Conservation