Support for FBI National Environmental Policy Act Implementation Regulations

Project Brief

The Challenge

Located within the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been following DOJ’s National Environmental Policy Act procedures for actions on FBI property or had adhered to the NEPA procedures of the host organization (e.g., United States Marine Corps) on property where the FBI is the tenant. To better address NEPA internally, the FBI needed to establish FBI-specific regulations, policies, and procedures for implementing NEPA.

ERG's Solution

ERG assisted the FBI in establishing agency-specific NEPA regulations that apply to all FBI actions that trigger NEPA compliance. To help FBI achieve this goal, ERG evaluated the FBI’s existing practices for satisfying NEPA, conducted all necessary research and data gathering, proposed regulatory language complete with a list of categorical exclusions, developed internal FBI policies and procedures for implementing these regulations, and supported FBI coordination with the Council on Environmental Quality, DOJ, and Office of Management and Budget. ERG also supported development of a NEPA tracking system and NEPA implementation training for FBI employees.


Federal Bureau of Investigation