Support for the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

Photo of a persona plugging in their electric vehicle

Project Brief

The Challenge

To support use of electric vehicles across the Commonwealth, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection created the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, an application-based grant program to mitigate the costs of acquiring charging stations. The program reimburses businesses and non-residential property owners with publicly accessible parking for 60 to 100 percent (depending on public accessibility level) of the cost to purchase and install charging stations, with a cap at $50,000 per street address. As interest in EVs in Massachusetts soared in recent years (800 percent from 2016 to 2021), so did the number of applications to this program, creating a backlog in MassDEP’s ability to support property owners and businesses eager to submit applications. MassDEP selected ERG to address the issue.

ERG's Solution

Since 2022, ERG has been working with MassDEP to streamline their application process and deliver approval letters more efficiently. ERG supports applicants throughout the application process, from initial review to processing an executed contract. ERG investigates the installation address to ensure public access, evaluates vendor quotes, confirms that accessibility for charger-designated parking spots meets Americans Disabilities Act requirements, corresponds with applicants about missing components of their application, and guarantees support and assistance along the way. Despite challenges resulting from changes in program funding sources, changes in legal requirements, and updates to energy efficiency standards for charging equipment, ERG has successfully established and implemented streamlined evaluation protocols and maintained a consistent flow of approved applications. As more charging stations are installed throughout the Commonwealth, residents face fewer hurdles to using EVs. ERG is proud to help MassDEP provide more of the infrastructure drivers need to decrease their transportation-related carbon footprint.


Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection