ERG Helps Vermont Assess Climate Vulnerability

Screen capture of MVI Tool

ERG collaborated with representatives from Vermont's Climate Action Office and Agency for Digital Services, as well as Vermont Climate Council task group members, to develop the Municipal Vulnerability Indicators Tool (MVI). This interactive geospatial tool was designed for state, regional, and municipal agencies and organizations to identify community vulnerability to climate change based on social, economic, ecological, land use, built environment, and hazard factors. In developing the tool, ERG engaged with municipalities, regional planning commissions, and organizations working with Vermont's vulnerable populations to ensure the tool reflects their experiences, expertise, and concerns. ERG leveraged the engagement findings to help inform the selection of 48 climate vulnerability factors and 13 climate hazards to include in the tool, and then gathered publicly available data for each. The tool will help users understand where climate vulnerabilities occur and the factors contributing to those vulnerabilities to inform the planning and actions needed to increase climate resilience in Vermont's communities. 

For additional information on the tool, including underlying project reports, a tool user guide, and a presentation introducing the tool, please see Vermont’s MVI webpage. 

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