Photo of Jan Connery

Jan Connery

Vice President

I feel profoundly fortunate to have been with ERG throughout our journey from a handful of employees in 1984 to several hundred today. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done these past 30+ years or more inspired to work every day with such great colleagues and clients. My work is just as fulfilling and vibrant to me now as the day I started.

Jan Connery, a founding member and vice president of ERG, is one of the most experienced communications specialists and project managers currently serving environmental and public health agencies. Since establishing ERG’s communications and peer review practices in 1984, she has managed dozens of contracts and hundreds of projects to develop and convey environmental and health messages, content, and tools to a wide variety of audiences—from the public to policymakers to subject experts—in Web, print, audiovisual, training, and meeting formats.

Ms. Connery is also an accomplished facilitator and team builder. For over 20 years, she has designed and facilitated meetings and processes to help organizations and groups improve effectiveness, build capacity, develop strategies, and achieve their goals. She has worked with diverse stakeholders from public, private, and nonprofit sectors to build trust, bridge differences, generate solutions, and develop consensus products.

Ms. Connery holds a B.A. in chemistry from Harvard University. Outside work, she enjoys exploring other dimensions of communications as an actor, tai chi practitioner, and international traveler.