Photo of Will Morgan

Will Morgan

Environmental Engineer

Environmental science—especially figuring out how and where chemicals move through the environment—is continually challenging and endlessly fascinating. It’s extremely rewarding to know that our work helps protect human health and make sites safer for future generations.

Dr. Will Morgan is a licensed environmental engineer with more than a decade of experience in environmental and computer science. He specializes in the development of environmental computational tools, including fate and transport models and applications to streamline data analysis. Will led ERG’s development of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry’s R vapintr package for stochastic vapor intrusion modeling, and of ATSDR’s Shower and Household Water-Use Exposure Model for simulating exposures to volatile contaminants in household water. For his doctoral research, he developed a new stochastic hydro-mechanical model for simulating hydraulic fracturing in complex fracture networks. Will is experienced in leading teams of scientists and developers through different phases of model and program design, and his strong background evaluating contaminant fate and transport and environmental exposures enable him to develop high-quality technical products quickly and efficiently.

In addition to environmental modeling, Will has managed ERG’s support for site investigations evaluating past and current vapor intrusion at urban and military sites. For these investigations, he led teams extracting environmental sampling data from historical records, developing decision support tools for evaluating vapor intrusion risk, documenting findings for hundreds of buildings, and creating site-specific computational tools and technical resources. Notably, the tools he developed streamlined analysis methods and saved thousands of labor hours that would otherwise have been required to characterize vapor intrusion in these investigations.  

Will holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and M.S. degrees in civil and environmental engineering from Georgia Tech. When not at work, he greatly enjoys reading and relaxing with his family.