ERG and PG Environmental Proudly Support EPA’s Water Infrastructure Loan Program

WIFIA engineer

ERG and sister company PG Environmental recently supported EPA in issuing the first-ever Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act loan to finance a new wet weather treatment station in King County, Washington. EPA launched the WIFIA federal credit program last year to accelerate investment in significant water and wastewater infrastructure projects. Last spring, we helped the program assess the technical feasibility of over 40 applicant projects. We also helped EPA select 12 of these projects, then performed a more detailed technical and engineering review of the very first project in King County: the Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station! EPA’s WIFIA loan will help finance up to $134.5 million of the roughly $275 million project, which is expected to save the county up to $32 million and create an estimated 1,400 jobs. Once completed, the station will collect and treat up to 70 million gallons of wastewater and stormwater per day that would have spilled into the Duwamish River during bad weather.

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