ERG Continues to Enhance EPA’s Award-Winning How’s My Waterway Application

The How's My Waterway tool open on a browser, showing a map of a watershed and listing the water conditions in a window next to the map.

ERG supported another release of the EPA How’s My Waterway (HMW) application, a web tool that provides the public with information on the condition of waters locally and across the United States. The new update includes the addition of environmental justice data; expanded viewing features, such as the ability to view an entire upstream watershed in one click; and a redesigned “Overview” tab that provides information on current water conditions using USGS’ real-time sensor network, watershed health scores, tribal water assessments, EPA-approved protection plans, and more. In addition, the tool recently won the Matthew Leopard Award for Leadership in Environmental Information Management. This EPA award is designed to recognize achievements that have significantly advanced the management, analysis, and access to environmental information in support of evidence-based decision making and advancing EPA’s mission.

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