ERG Continues to Help EPA and DOJ Reduce Unlawful Air Pollution from Oil and Gas Wells in New Mexico 

Heavy machinery in a field

ERG recently provided the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) with technical expertise and analytical support to stop excess emissions from more than 400 oil and gas well pads owned and operated by Mewbourne Oil Company in New Mexico and Texas. ERG assisted with all aspects of the investigation, including identifying target facilities for inspections, reviewing data to determine potential areas of non-compliance with state and federal air regulations, and estimating emissions of harmful air pollutants from the company’s operations. The investigation resulted in equipment upgrades at all the company’s facilities covered by the settlement agreement in New Mexico and Texas; proactive replacement of older equipment with newer, non-emitting equipment on an accelerated scheduled at facilities owned and operated by Mewbourne; and direct reductions of more than 9,900 tons of volatile organic compounds and more than 33,000 tons of greenhouse gases. ERG’s support to DOJ and EPA in this case, along with other recent cases, is part of an ongoing effort to reduce air pollution in New Mexico from oil and gas operations. For more information, visit DOJ’s press release on the settlement.  

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