ERG Provides Key Support to Massachusetts Mosquito Control Task Force

mosquitoes flying around in a green wooded area

The Massachusetts Legislature charged the Mosquito Control for the 21st Century Task Force—a panel of experts from state agencies, professional organizations, and academic institutions—with making recommendations to modernize mosquito control operations in the Commonwealth. In support of the task force, ERG developed a comprehensive study on mosquito control in Massachusetts. This report covered a range of topics, including mosquito-borne diseases, pesticide toxicity, protection of pollinators and sensitive ecological areas, non-chemical control methods, climate change impacts on mosquito populations, and the Commonwealth’s administrative structure for mosquito control. The study served as a foundational resource for task force members as they developed recommendations for the Massachusetts Legislature on how to update and improve the Commonwealth’s mosquito control program and policies.

Upon the report’s completion, ERG supported four subcommittees and the 23-member task force in using the study to help develop their recommendations. Over the course of six months, ERG’s facilitators led more than 48 subcommittee meetings, followed by full task force discussions to consider the subcommittee recommendations. Ultimately, the Task Force voted to submit its recommendations, along with ERG’s report, to the Legislature for their consideration in amending Massachusetts’ mosquito control enabling legislation.

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