ERG’s Blue Earth Consultants Completes First Open-Source Data Portal Platform Project for Climate Resilience

RCIIMS document title page

To help Caribbean resource managers and practitioners access the data they need for climate planning, the University of the West Indies-Mona Pilot Program for Climate Resilience hired ERG’s Blue Earth Consultants division to develop the Regional Coastal Integrated Information Management System (RCIIMS). The RCIIMS is an online platform of Caribbean coastal and marine metadata that will support climate resilience, analysis, and adaptation planning efforts across the region. The Blue Earth/ERG team led stakeholder interviews, a review of existing datasets, and virtual beta tests to determine requirements for the RCIIMS, resulting in the launch of an open-source data portal platform. This is the first project we implemented with an open-source data portal platform, which has rich features for open data, data and file stores, geospatial data, metadata, and data search, discovery, and visualization