Expanding EPA’s P2 Hub Helpline to Support P2 Grantees

Photo of person sitting in front of a computer with a phone headset

Project Brief

The Challenge

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Pollution Prevention (P2) Program asked ERG to expand and rebrand an existing helpline to provide grantees with technical information in support of their grants and members of the public with general information on pollution prevention. 

ERG's Solution

Using input provided from EPA and state grantees, ERG designed and implemented a P2 Hub helpline that enables grantees to consult with engineers and P2 subject experts and provides chemical usage analyses, information on Toxic Substances Control Act work plan chemicals and alternatives, assistance using EPA databases to target clients, research support for P2 opportunities, and assistance in measuring P2 reductions and calculating results. EPA's expanded helpline empowers grantees to maximize their grant results and measure their accomplishments in meeting EPA goals.     


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency