Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment

ERG provides a broad spectrum of National Environmental Policy Act and related environmental planning and impact assessment services to federal agencies and in support of federally funded programs and projects. Our team of planners, scientists, engineers, compliance experts, and public engagement specialists supports all aspects of the NEPA process, including pre-scoping and initial planning, public scoping, field surveys, impact analysis, inter- and intra-agency coordination, public comment management, assessment of regulatory requirements (e.g., federal cross-cutters), and federal decision-making. We tailor our analyses to the project, developing concise and efficient environmental assessments for simpler, fast-tracked projects and robust, detailed environmental impact statements for more complex projects with significant impacts. In parallel, we lead or manage the environmental consultation processes throughout the environmental review. As applicable to the review, ERG also collects data and conducts field investigations, including wetland delineations and ecological surveys, and works with trusted subcontractors to provide additional services, including archeological and historic architectural investigations. Our NEPA team stays abreast of the frequent changes in the policy and regulatory landscape so we can help clients adapt and modify their NEPA programs to ensure they are meeting current requirements.

National Environmental Policy Act Services
  • Project-specific reviews, including categorical exclusions, environmental assessments, environmental impact statements
  • Program-level support (federal agency NEPA program development, refinement, and implementation)
  • Public involvement and outreach
  • Public comment review and response
    • Use of ERG’s proprietary Comment Categorization and Analysis Tool (Comment CAT™) to provide streamlined support for large projects
    • Development of comment-response documents
    • Streamlined identification of unique comment topics and form letters
Other Environmental Planning and Assessment Support
  • Non-NEPA environmental impact assessments, including environmental information documents and California Environmental Quality Act and other state “little NEPA” reviews
  • Environmental due diligence and constraints analyses
  • Development of training and guidance materials
  • Geospatial analysis and geographic information systems
Studies and Consultations
  • National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 consultations
  • Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultations
  • Wetland delineations, botanical and ecological surveys
  • Archeological investigations and archeological inventory studies (including coordination of specialized subcontractors)
  • Regulatory applicability analyses
  • Emissions modeling, greenhouse gas modeling, and climate impact analyses
  • Environmental justice analyses

Service Area Leads

Shanika Amarakoon

My lived experience as an immigrant raised in a rural community showed me the importance of engaging disparate voices in developing sustainable solutions to address our most pressing environmental challenges. Now, as an environmental engineer and policy analyst, I am grateful that I can apply my experience to support a broad range of meaningful work, including advancing a circular economy, supporting a just transition, and leading ERG’s environmental and climate justice solutions practice.

Shanika Amarakoon

Photo of Blake Fox

Through my work as an environmental planner, I have come to appreciate how disclosing impacts through an informed public decision-making process strengthens the subsequent environmental protections. These planning processes are critical to ensuring that environmental protections are part of project commitments and positive community outcomes.

Blake Fox

Photo of Patrick Goodwin

Federal agencies must consider and mitigate the effects of their actions on the natural and human environment. With evolving mission and regulatory requirements, community interest, and expanding inventories of natural and historic resources, fulfilling this responsibility can be challenging! I am proud to help my clients meet critical mission requirements while serving as stewards of our environment.

Patrick Goodwin

Kort Kirkeby

Much of my childhood was spent outdoors observing, collecting, and understanding the natural world. This early passion led me to study biology, communications, and environmental engineering, and ultimately to integrate them into my career in aquatic ecosystems. I have had great opportunities to work with outstanding people and manage large-scale projects across the U.S.  I am passionate about delivering high-quality work products that meet and exceed expectations.

Kortney Kirkeby

Photo of Alison Poe

I am proud to work with such a talented team of engineers, scientists, and planners at ERG. Every day, my team seeks innovative and cost-effective solutions to help our clients resolve complex facility management challenges while fulfilling critical mission requirements.

Alison Poe