Welcome Blue Earth Consultants

Blue Earth Consultants

I am excited to announce that Blue Earth Consultants has joined ERG. Blue Earth founder Tegan Hoffmann and her team provide sustainable solutions for clients from foundations, not-for-profit organizations, and public sector consortia. Blue Earth has built a stellar reputation for their project work on marine and coastal resource management and conservation, with a focus on building institutional capacity and improving organizations’ operational and programmatic effectiveness.

Blue Earth has a 12-year record of promoting environmental stewardship and helping clients achieve positive social and environmental goals. That is something we have been doing at ERG since our founding in 1984. And, like ERG, Blue Earth lives its commitment to collaboration, compassion, and excellence. That level of alignment of mission and culture is rare, and makes this partnership especially exciting.

ERGers have already worked with Blue Earth on several California-based coastal protection initiatives over the past five years, so we can attest firsthand to the high quality of their work, and to the equally high regard that clients have for Blue Earth.

I anticipate a bright and productive future for ERG and Blue Earth as we move forward together, strengthened by our complementary expertise, technical capabilities, and positive client relationships.

Please join me in welcoming our new colleagues at Blue Earth. 

David Meyers



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