Facilities Planning and Engineering

ERG provides life cycle planning and engineering support to federal facilities, Department of Defense installations, and university and institutional campuses. Our professional planners, engineers, and scientists support all aspects of facility and installation management, including high-level planning and visioning, design and construction, operation and maintenance, and decontamination/demolition. Our experts are highly experienced at addressing the many challenges faced by facilities managers, such as historically significant facilities, protected natural resources, critical security requirements, complex industrial operations, and aging utilities and infrastructure. We support many campus-based clients and understand the unique challenges of managing a large organization with a diverse portfolio of facilities, such as office and administrative buildings, research laboratories, industrial process facilities, warehouses, residential buildings, and many others. We develop cost-effective, actionable solutions that promote mission execution while ensuring safety, sustainability, and environmental regulatory compliance.

Facility and Installation Planning
  • Campus master planning
  • Project planning
  • Site planning and constraints analyses
  • Engineering feasibility and concept studies
  • Stakeholder charrettes
  • Cost estimation
  • Life cycle economic and business case analyses
  • Policy and program development and implementation
  • Executive Order (EO) 14057 compliance
  • Green building planning and operation
  • U.S. Green Building Council LEED certifications
  • “Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings” evaluations
  • Recycling, composting, and other waste diversion and pollution prevention initiatives
  • Green infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Green purchasing
Climate Change and Decarbonization
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory development and forecasting
  • Climate action planning
  • Climate resilience assessments
  • Climate performance metrics visualization, tracking, and reporting
Energy Management
  • Energy management program development and implementation
  • Compliance with federal mandates (EPAct 2005, EISA 2007, and Energy Act of 2020)
  • Carbon pollution-free electricity (CFE) and net-zero emission building strategic plans
  • Energy master planning
  • Central utility plant analysis, modeling, and permitting
  • Energy and water audits
  • Project development and life cycle costing
  • Renewable energy planning and purchasing
  • Advanced metering/measurement and verification
Environmental Planning
  • NEPA program establishment in compliance with Council on Environmental Quality regulations
  • Preparation of Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Categorical Exclusions, and other impact analyses
  • Natural resources, cultural resources, and environmental justice assessments
  • Consultations with federal, state, and regulatory agencies
Environmental Compliance
  • Clean Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) permitting assistance
  • Multimedia compliance program development and implementation
  • Multimedia compliance assurance and internal inspections
  • Stormwater program and Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) compliance assistance
Department of Defense Programs
  • Process engineering and safety
  • Process hazard analyses
  • Explosives safety
  • Design and construction management
  • Operations and maintenance program support
  • Installation master planning
  • Military construction (MILCON) planning and project documentation (DD Form 1391)
Higher Education Programs
  • Campus master planning
  • Climate change and sustainability planning, including GHG inventory development
  • Central plant support and permitting
  • Air and tank compliance support
  • Refrigeration management planning
  • Environmental health and safety support, including indoor air quality assessments
  • Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) reporting

Service Area Leads

Photo of Kevin Carpenter

Most of today’s buildings use considerably more energy than needed (like using a chainsaw to cut butter), so reducing their energy consumption provides a powerful opportunity for addressing our nation’s energy and greenhouse gas emission challenges. With these reductions, renewable technologies such as solar and wind become more economical and the path to net-zero buildings becomes a reality. I am inspired to work with stakeholders—from tenants and operations staff up through top-level management—to help them reduce their operations cost and create environmental benefits through enhanced energy efficiency.

Kevin Carpenter

Photo of John Carter

In my experience, effective climate action requires invested leadership, multidisciplinary expertise to address all sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and equitable stakeholder engagement to guide and successfully implement new policies and strategies. I have had the pleasure of managing several climate action plan projects, guiding both municipalities and universities through the process of developing and implementing their unique plans, and I’m proud of the positive benefits those plans have brought to stem the effects of climate change.

John Carter

Photo of Frank DeCarlo

The manufacturing of explosives and other energetic materials is among the most dangerous professions in the world. I use my engineering expertise and problem-solving skills to evaluate and mitigate explosives and occupational risks to help keep the people working in this profession safe. It feels good knowing that the work I do helps ensure people can go home to their families at the end of each workday.

Frank DeCarlo

Evan Fago

I view every interaction as an opportunity to learn something new. Through my work at ERG, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of colleagues who share a sense of curiosity and a strong desire to innovate and grow our collective expertise so that we can better serve our clients and make the world more sustainable, equitable, and compassionate.

Evan Fago

Photo of Jose Frontanes

Electrical power, lightning protection, grounding, bonding systems, and surge protection are critical safety elements in the design and construction of explosives operating facilities. I take pride in ensuring that these systems are properly designed and constructed to protect the safety of personnel and facilities.

Jose Frontanes

Photo of Patrick Goodwin

Federal agencies must consider and mitigate the effects of their actions on the natural and human environment. With evolving mission and regulatory requirements, community interest, and expanding inventories of natural and historic resources, fulfilling this responsibility can be challenging! I am proud to help my clients meet critical mission requirements while serving as stewards of our environment.

Patrick Goodwin

Kasey Kudamik

Long before ‘sustainability’ became a buzzword, I had a passion for seeking out progressive and proactive—rather than reactive—solutions to environmental problems. I enjoy applying my cross-disciplinary education, background, and experience to the field of sustainable engineering. It’s exciting to be a part of the green building movement, working to transform traditional building practices into sustainable ones!

Kasey Kudamik

Ward Libby

When they’re tasked with siting and designing facilities that conform to both explosives-safety criteria and long-term base-wide planning goals, U.S. Department of Defense personnel can face many challenges. I enjoy applying my expertise to help clients envision and execute recapitalization strategies that ensure mission readiness, explosives and occupational safety, and environmental compliance.

Ward Libby

Photo of Alison Poe

I am proud to work with such a talented team of engineers, scientists, and planners at ERG. Every day, my team seeks innovative and cost-effective solutions to help our clients resolve complex facility management challenges while fulfilling critical mission requirements.

Alison Poe

Photo of Michael Poe

Construction of facilities and infrastructure has always fascinated me. I thrive on planning and designing facilities and then guiding their construction from the ground up. It means a lot to me to know that I have played a key role in constructing facilities that will be put to good use and stand the test of time.

Michael Poe

Jenny Raczko

With an ever-evolving list of regulatory requirements, it can be challenging for federal facilities to ensure readiness while also maintaining environmental compliance. I help facility managers unlock the secret to continuous compliance: finding and eliminating a facility’s compliance weaknesses at the root cause.

Jenny Raczko

Photo of Lauren Scott

I love that stormwater touches so many aspects of our lives and that, when managed well, it brings numerous benefits to our communities and the environment. It has been exciting to see stormwater grow in importance at both national and local levels.

Lauren Scott

Photo of Glenn Sherman

I enjoy being able to exercise my passion for fire protection through my work as a fire protection specialist at ERG.

Glenn Sherman